1. General

Antgage is a social collaboration platform for the creative art industries. We empower creatives to showcase, network and collaborate within the creative communities and beyond.
You may still register according to your preference, as an individual, group or business account on the signup page.
You can contact us at or for faster response, simply chat with us via the chat tool on your browser.
Do check your spam or junk mail folder. If you still are not able to locate it, do contact us via email or the chat tool on your browser.
You may access it via the dropdown of your display picture, click on 'Settings', then 'Notification'.
Under 'Settings' > 'Security', you may change your password or delete your account.

2. Creative Profile

The QR code serves as a quick link to your own profile page. This QR code is permanently tag to your account and it will not change so you can safely use it on your business cards.
If you do not have any work experience/notable client, you do not need to input those data. For segments that do not have any information, the segment will collapse and others will not be able to view the empty segment. In the future, if you input information under those segments, it will appear under your profile.
We do not have this feature enabled currently, but will be implementing it in the near future.

This feature allows groups and business entities to show people that are part of their identity, or have been part of their projects.

Group and Business accounts can invite any individual account to their group/business association. Business accounts can invite any group accounts or individual accounts to their association.

This segment allows you list any specific gear that you use that contribute to your creative work. Eg. Cameras or musical instruments.
No. Like yourself, you will only be able to view how many times your profile has been viewed by others.

3. Projects

The 'Project' tab is a consolidation of all projects that you either owned or collaborated on. These projects act as a portfolio of works that you want to showcase.
Collaborators are people or entities that played a role in the project. Once you add someone as a collaborator or vice-versa, all of the project data will be copied to your profile. You can then decide whether you would like to showcase it on your portfolio. You may do so by using the toggle under 'manage projects'.


We support upload of pictures up to 10MB of .png and .jpeg files.


All videos can only be embedded through YouTube or Vimeo.


We support audio files in the following formats: .wav, .m4a, .mp3 and .flac. You can also choose to embed any audio link from Spotify or Soundcloud.

4. Products/Services

This segment acts as your e-store for products and services that you may offer.

Products are items that are tangible/digital items that have a fixed price without much customization.

Services allow you to further customise your offerings by adding options of prices ranges for various augmentation of services.

We are currently working on the on-app messaging function and a booking checkout function. In the meantime, people are only able to contact you via your email.
This put your product/services on the product/services tab on Antgage’s explore page.
We are developing the transaction feature and will be released at a later stage.
Only 'Products' require a pricing to be shown while 'Services' only reveal a price range.

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